Feel good enough.

Learn how to let go of perfectionism, self-doubt + people-pleasing in 12 weeks.

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"I've learned how to accept myself... and live more peacefully." —Patricia

Do you feel like you’re never good enough?

Like you’re flawed, worthless or a failure?

Here's the thing:

You can meditate and repeat affirmations all day.

You can achieve your goals, pamper yourself, exercise, wear a sexy dress.

But if you don't embrace your negative thoughts first...

Deep down, you still won't feel good enough.

Sorry, sweetheart (and I say this with love):

You can't find happiness outside of yourself.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You can't stop beating yourself up.
  • You feel powerless before negative thoughts.
  • You waste time and energy perfecting everything.
  • You've tried meditation, affirmations + mantras in vain.
  • You expect the worst + doubt yourself.
  • You worry too much about what people think.
  • You never feel good enough, despite your accomplishments.

Imagine if...

You beat your fear of failure. → You'd try that new hobby or project.

You felt worthy + good enough. → You'd ask for support + create amazing relationships.

You felt confident about yourself + your abilities. → You'd save tons of time and energy by NOT redoing a task 100,000x till perfection.

You treated yourself kindly. → You'd laugh your mistakes off + learn from them.

You enjoyed feeling overall happy, peaceful + free. → You'd stop people-pleasing + live life on your own terms.

Hi, I'm Annie!

I'm a mindfulness coach on a mission to help perfectionists let go of self-doubt, fear of failure and people-pleasing.

For most of my life, I never felt good enough and chased perfection. Achieving goals, affirmations and self-love practices were useless. It wasn’t until I embraced my negative thoughts that I learned how to accept and love myself.

I’m passionate about sharing my knowledge on how to stop self-sabotage and find peace and love within.

Introducing The Self-Lover Program

The Self-Lover Program is a 12-week, one-on-one coaching experience which guides you from negative thinking to loving yourself.


+ Twelve 60- to 90-minute weekly, one-on-one sessions via Skype or telephone

+ Two 30-minute follow-up calls, one month and two months after the 12 sessions

+ Between-session homework to reinforce new + positive habits

+ Unlimited email messaging support

Investment: €1,797 / $2,100

This program is right for you if:

You're fed up with never feeling good enough.

You struggle with negative thinking, perfectionism + people-pleasing.

You're ready to move on, take back control of your life + do the work.

You just want to be happy, peaceful + free.

What are the weekly topics?

Week 1

Find out where your negative thoughts come from

We look at past and present experiences that contribute to how you view and feel about yourself. Learn how the vicious cycle of negative thoughts work and begin to dismantle the machine.

Weeks 2 + 3

Stop expecting the worst + catastrophizing

Don't set yourself up for failure before the game even starts. Learn how to identify and question negative expectations in order to break their hold on you and make more realistic expectations.

Weeks 4 + 5

Quit beating yourself up for every. little. thing.

Understand how and why negative self-talk paralyzes you, despite your best efforts. Learn how to identify and question negative self-criticism and see yourself in a more balanced light.

Week 6

Feel good about who you are

We tend to pay more attention to what we don't like about ourselves. Uncover your positive qualities and how they appear in your daily life to reinforce a kinder view of yourself.

Week 7

Feel worthy of your accomplishments + playtime

Learn about 3 types of activities that should be part of your weekly routine to maintain a good mood. Make time for your responsibilities and playtime, without feeling guilty!

Weeks 8 + 9

Stop setting impossible standards for yourself

Learn how to spot and question your impossible standards and create more realistic and flexible ones. Goodbye to perfectionism and people-pleasing!

Weeks 10 + 11

Adopt new core beliefs to feel good enough

Dig up and challenge your negative core beliefs, then adopt positive ones. This is the foundation of your new identity: a woman who's proud to be herself!

Week 12

Deal with setbacks + keep up your progress 

Setbacks are bound to happen… c’est la vie! We create a strategic maintenance plan to anchor your new view of yourself and keep the ball rolling.

How does it work?

Each week, we meet via Skype or telephone for a 60- to 90-minute session. You learn about the topic of the week and immediately apply the new information to your life through various exercises that we do together in your journal.

In between sessions, you further practice your new skills through simple homework assignments and can email me for support.

We meet again for two 30-minute sessions after the 12 initial sessions to check in on your progress, untangle issues and celebrate!

What previous participants have said:

"I lacked self-confidence... now I'm confident and positive."

I used to close myself off and lack self-confidence, so I was definitely not on a positive path… or so, I thought. 

These moments of reflection with Annie are very enriching! She's a great listener, present and open-minded. Her guidance has been precious, as I’ve learned how to manage my emotions and see the glass half full. The exercises are very effective and her method is beneficial in the long term.

I'm not exaggerating when I say that I'm no longer someone of whom I'm scared. Im confident and positive, even though at times I need to remind myself of what I’ve learned. I’m completely satisfied with Annie’s coaching.

Thank you, Annie, for your faith in me, guidance and beautiful energy!”

—Camille, Nutritionist

"I've learned how to accept myself."

"Annie's  coaching has helped me see that even though I can't go back to change my past, I can choose to not let it define me. I've learned how to accept myself, so that I can live my life more peacefully.

Working with Annie has been healing for me.  She knows how to stay objective, all the while being compassionate. Her guidance has challenged how I view myself and has brought me peace of mind, allowing me to live more serenely and enjoy the positive aspects of life.

—Patricia, Navy Education Officer

" I feel more at peace."

“When it comes to understanding emotions, Annie has an uncanny ability to guide me deep down into the source of my patterns.

But she doesn’t leave me there. She is able to illustrate ideas, concepts, and solutions in simple terms. Annie is patient and compassionate. She speaks with you, rather than to you. She is a great teacher because she is also an enthusiastic student of Life.

I feel more expanded, more aware, more at peace. Annie has strength and wisdom far beyond most and I can always trust her to help me see the truth in all of its forms."

—Kiam, Interdisciplinary Artist

Ready to finally feel good enough?

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